Friendship thank you’s

I think the words friend/best friends are thrown about a lot in todays age and when it matters i think about 98%  of so called friends are never really there when you need them. I don’t consider myself to be the type of person who converges well with other people and can think of only one friend, one true friend that has been there for me through everything and i think its often during the hardest periods of your life when you discover the difference between acquaintances and friends. So mainly the key point in this blog post is just to say a big thank you to my best friend Winter, She’s stuck by me through a lot of stuff this past year whether its been college traumas, the passing of two of my grandma’s or just everyday troubles, she’s always been there for me and now as she’s going through a rough time i hope i can return the same level of comfort and kindness she’s always shown to me ❤

Winter ❤

Love Autumn xox


Flattened by a Spandex clad man on a bicycle?

Today I nearly got flattened by a Spandex clad man on a bicycle. No, I didn’t walk out into the cycle lane. I was merely walking down the walkway –emphasis on walkway, indicated by the italics – with my friends on our way to bus after college and he was cycling towards us up the walkway.

This man was kited up to the max. Spandex, streamline helmet, gloves, and orange tinted glasses – the kind that the pros wear. Naturally, judging on appearance you’d think that this guy knows what he is doing. Wrong, completely and utterly wrong. If this guy was a pro he would’ve known to avoid the walkway because of the amount of college kids that walk down there in one go – a result of a traffic light crossing – all in the same direction.

My friends and I had clearly surprised this rogue cyclist so much that he nearly fell sideways from his bike. One of my friends ran to safety, the other was narrowly missed by about 6 inches, and as for me, well, if I hadn’t have ducked I would have been flattened by the falling man.

A word of advice to this cyclist: Don’t cycle down walkways. They’re intended for pedestrians, not cyclists. 

Winter xo

Black Weekend?

So at work this weekend it’s been referred to as BLACK WEEKEND! And seriously, it has been extremely busy. One thing that I can’t understand is the massive hype over black Friday, you see the videos of people beating each other up for a marked down price TV in Tesco’s and I honesty just do not understand it. I’ve been working all weekend non stop and completely missed out black Friday, is it just me or does anyone else not see it as such a big deal and massively over hyped?

Autumn xox

Tea Shenanigans

My dear readers, wherever you may be, you are about to experience your first taste of clumsiness. Not really clumsiness, just bad judgement. I think that deserves a round of applause to be honest. I thank you.

I shall set the scene:

It is 26th November about 6:30pm. It’s dark outside (normal for winter and daylight saving time) and it’s freezing in the house because the radiators don’t work apparently. The kettle has just boiled – screeched in protest.

So the scene has been set. The events that unfolded are actually true, and when I told Autumn about them, I believe that her words were “hahahahaha hahaha, tea shenanigans eh?”, hence the name of the title and I figured that I should share it.

There I was, stood shivering in my giraffe onesie pouring hot water into my mug with a tea bag in it. I looked around everywhere but I just couldn’t find a clean spoon, and I didn’t want to use a dirty one. I couldn’t possibly do that to my tea, it has to be respected. I did, however, find a fork.

Yes, I substituted a spoon for a fork to take the tea bag out of my mug, and I never will again.

You see, because I was really cold, I was shaking a little, and I ended up stabbing my tea bag rather than simply pulling it out. This is bad enough, but what happened next was worse. A corner of the poor butchered tea bag actually ripped off and fell into my tea! I wasn’t going to even attempt to fish it out with my fork, so I thought, “ah well, a little extra to my tea won’t harm me. I can just drink around it.”

No. No you cannot drink around it dear reader. If this should ever happen to you, do not be naïve enough to think that you can drink around it because you can’t. You will forget it’s in there and swallow it, just like I did.

Moral of the story: don’t use a fork to remove your tea bags from your mugs.

I am still slightly traumatized.

Winter xo

P.S. Feel free to comment about any slightly traumatic yet humorous experiences that you’ve ever had when it comes to food or drinks! We’d love to hear about them!

Daily Distractions Part 2

Just like the bestie, Autumn, I get incredibly distracted and end up procrastinating all the time. Although for me it isn’t cat acrobatics – wish it was– or visualizing a cat walking on a ceiling whilst singing the spider pig song.

Totally visualizing that right now

Autumn, I may or may not be attempting to do this with Zeus – Athena is far too lazy…I’M SO SORRY ATHENA PLEASE STILL LOVE ME– at some point in the near future…

Moving swiftly on back to my original point.

I am what I like to call a “put-off-er” and not because procrastinating is too difficult sometimes to say. It definitely is. 

You see, when it comes to coursework, I’d much rather be watching AHS (American Horror Story, best show ever!!) and this is exactly what I’ll do and will be doing right after I’ve finished this post. Naturally. My excuse is that once you start watching a show from the beginning, no matter how many times that you’ve watched it, you have to carry on watching and can’t stop after just one episode. No way. Nu-Uh, that would make you, as my fave Buddy the Elf (very seasonal and fitting I thought) would say “a cotton headed ninny muggings”.

Of course there’s always the panic at not having done anything so close to a deadline that sets in after you’ve finished your marathon, but I’ll get into that another time!

For now, let me just say this, I could change my procrastinating ways if I wanted to, but I don’t so I am going to carry on watching AHS, love it, panic later, get the work done probably the night before it’s due, and meet my deadline. Fun times eh?

Winter xo

^^^This is not the best advice, please don’t follow this! Byyeeeeee 🙂

Daily Distractions

So yesterday evening in a conversation with someone my cat decided to climb the door frame which to be honest is nothing major, my cat seems to be aspiring in the great art that is acrobatics. However I was informed cats can sometimes walk on ceilings?!? I think like most people I just visualized the whole spider pig moment from the Simpsons movie, but is this actually true, can cats climb on ceilings or am I putting wayyyyyy to much thought into this as a way of subtly procrastinating away from my coursework….I think its probably the second option….although a cat walking on the….stop! must retain self control…must…retain…and…do…work…that’s….due…in…two…weeeks!!!!

Autumn oxo